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Pediatric Dentistry 

We know how stressed most children get at their visit to the dentist. Your child's first dental visit is an important milestone, and at D&R Dentistry we strive to make this process as smooth and comforting as possible.

Kids come in a variety of ages and personalities, so at our practice, we have created a positive atmosphere that keeps the needs of your children in mind. We focus on prevention, rather than treatment. We want to make sure you leave with a good understanding of how to create healthy teeth and gums for your child!

Our pediatric dentists have the skills to help with any dental problem from tooth decay to cosmetic enhancements. If your child needs more advanced treatment, we also offer hospital anesthesia. This means more comfort for you and your child. Patients with special needs can also find solutions here at D&R Dentistry.

Why choose a Pediatric Dentistry professional?

D&R professionals are trained to be sensitive to the developmental, behavioral, and treatment needs of children. Whether those needs include basic preventative dentistry or the integrated management of complex medical, developmental, behavioral, and restorative needs, the team is well prepared to guide your child toward a lifetime of optimal oral health.

Keeping your child’s needs in mind is key for our professionals.Our central point is on the prevention of dental disease, apart from helping children and parents learn more about achieving healthy teeth and gums. From encouraging good dental habits for a lifetime to creating a positive atmosphere, our goal is to help your whole family smile with confidence.

Laughing Gas

If your child doesn't like going to the dentist, your pediatric dentist may be able to help with laughing gas. Laughing gas is a gas known as a nitrous oxide that can help keep your child relaxed and calm while getting dental work done. 

Laughing gas is a safe and effective way to help calm your child's nerves during dental visits. Many children enjoy the feeling of laughing gas and find it distracting, which helps take their minds off of their anxiety. Using laughing gas at the beginning of an exam or procedure is often enough to knock out your child's fear so that they can stay relaxed throughout the rest of the process.

Nitrous oxide is a safe, non-toxic, and FDA-approved compound that allows the child to be comfortable during treatment. The gas is given through a small nosepiece, and your kid will be awake during the procedure.

 In addition, it has “analgesic” or “pain relieving” properties which help the child even further. It also helps eliminate the sense of time away from helping a child with a shorter attention span go through more extensive treatment

Lobby from Front Desk

Your children can benefit from the same dental care as you do. A pediatric dentist offers the same procedures as a family dentist but with special training to treat children. Since they understand the behavior of children, they're capable of helping young patients feel confident and at ease in the office. If you’re in Miami, contact D&R Dentistry today to make your appointment or inquire about the cost of a pediatric dental visit. You can also get in touch with us by calling 305-400-8060.

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