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Bone Grafts

Nowadays, thanks to advanced biotechnology, most bony defects can be rebuilt without removing a graft from the patient. Grafting procedures are performed to improve facial esthetics, rebuild tissue support and restore function. By performing grafting procedures, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help restore the bone to its original dimensions to achieve a beautiful smile.

Bone Grafting: A better smile!

A bone graft is a medical procedure to correct a deficiency in the jawbone. When a tooth has been removed, whether it was due to trauma, disease, or another cause, the extraction site can form a boney defect. Without treatment, the area will not heal properly on its own and may become more severe as time goes by.

There are three types of bone grafting procedures: autogenous, allograft, and xenograft. In Autogenous graft procedures, the dentist uses bone from another part of your body. Usually, bone is removed from non-essential bones like your chin. Using your own bone means reducing the chance that your jawbone will reject it. It can also prevent infection. Besides, it is made up of active cellular material since it is still living. Allografts use human bone but from donors who have donated their bones to bone banks. Before use, bones go through rigorous testing, which makes this procedure a safe one.

Allografts and xenografts are used in bone grafting to replace bone that has been lost due to trauma, disease, or surgical removal. Either allografts or xenografts imply that the patient will not have a second surgery to harvest their bone.

When is Bone Grafting necessary? 

Bone grafting may be needed to create a solid foundation for the placement of dental implants. The easiest way to restore lost bone is through a bone graft procedure. At D&R Dentistry, our professionals do this by using bone from your own body or a donor source. The bone graft will integrate into your existing bone to create a healthy, solid foundation for dental implant placement. Our implant surgeons will perform a bone graft procedure to help restore lost bone in your jaw. 

A bone graft essentially provides the platform for new growth to occur. Nowadays, bone graft materials can be found from a variety of sources. Our professionals will assess which material best matches your case.

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After you have had a bone graft, you will need to go home with antibiotics and pain medication. We will ask our patients to eat soft food while they are recovering. To completely heal, it can take between six to nine months. At that time, we could place your dental implants in.

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