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We are a family-oriented dental office offering personalized general dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery treatment at our state-of-the-art facility. We welcome patients of all ages, including patients with special needs. Our friendly staff works closely with each patient to understand their needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. Our office in Miami is equipped with the latest technology advancements, including on-site digital CT-Scan and radiology facilities, to minimize the time necessary to develop your optimal and personalized treatment plan. We have nitrous oxide (N2O), commonly referred to as “laughing gas”, in every treatment room to help alleviate any anxiety you may experience to make you comfortable during your visit. We offer late hours on Mondays and Thursdays to help those patients with busy schedules unable to make normal business hours. We have financing and individualized payment plans available to help you secure the treatment plan your dental health requires. Whether you are due for a yearly checkup, a routine cleaning, cavity filling, or dental implants, please let our team of professionals help you and your family achieve optimal dental health and the beautiful smiles you deserve. Please call us today at 305-400-8060 to learn more about our dental services or just send us an email We look forward to hearing from you.

Dentist Dr. Ramon Rodriguez

Dr. Ramón Rodríguez

Dr. Ramón Rodríguez graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry (Philadelphia, PA) in 2009 and since then he never stopped learning as he continues reading current dental literature and attends continuing education courses.


Nice meeting you America


Like so many folks who make Miami-Dade County home, Dr. Rodriguez immigrated as well to America at the tender age of 15. After earning a dental doctorate from the prestigious Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University, he decided to put down roots in the community that welcomed his family in order to give back to this amazing community. Today, he is married to Vivian E. Diaz, who is not only his wife but also a General Dentist & Business Partner. Together, they have 2 children: Sophia and Daniel.

Dr Ramon

A Dream Job


As a son of health professional parents, Dr.Ramón Rodríguez’s goal is to achieve a significant contribution to the dental, oral, mental, and spiritual health of each patient through the creation and establishment of sincere and long-lasting, patient-doctor relationships. The daily practice of Dentistry has always been his dream job that fires up his constant passion to serve each patient in need.


The practice of Dentistry is a daily learning experience optimized by carefully listening to and addressing patient concerns and spiritually transmitting their care and confidence. 

Through genuine empathy and understanding, really strong patient-doctor relationships are forged based on trust, allowing him to increase awareness about the importance of dental health and the prevention of oral-dental diseases. 


Education and Experience


 From the day Dr. Rodriguez was licensed to practice dentistry, he has continuously participated in multiple professional study groups to critically review the most challenging clinical cases while mutually learning from his colleagues’ failures and successes in an effort to enhance patient care. Catching up with the latest cases is highly important to update techniques, diagnoses, and treatments. 


In 2008 he graduated from the Implant Residency Program at Nove Southeastern University through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). He considers continuous education key in order to improve patient care.


With over 11 years of professional experience, for four consecutive years (2015-2019) Dr. Rodriguez was awarded Miami-Dade County’s Major Top Award to the Excellence in Community Service awarded to our New Smiles Foundation for serving thousands of victims of human trafficking, and domestic violence, and extreme poverty. Besides, he created and promoted the "Make The Right Choice” campaign to improve youth dental, mental, and spiritual health while fighting against drug addiction, by visiting local schools, and performing heart-felt, vivid presentations.


Among the Professional Affiliations Dr. Rodríguez has, we can mention:


  • American Dental Association (ADA)

  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)

  • Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)

  • Academy of Osseo-Integration (AOI)

Dr. Gisleda Ramos

Dr. Gisleda Ramos graduated from Creighton University School of Dentistry (Omaha, NE) in 1993 and as an Orthodontist from St.Louis University, St.Louis, MO in 1999. Dr.Ramos has been offering dental services in Miami since 2012, which means she has plenty of experience in the area. 


Being up-to-date is one of her main goals as she knows how important it is to catch up with new practices, treatments, and materials. For this reason, every year she keeps up learning to provide outstanding service.


Dentist Dr. Gisleda Ramos
Dr Gisleda

Her passion for dentistry took her to be awarded for sleep apnea, a field of study that has been studied for years to discover which dental devices can be recommended to alleviate this condition with a better night's sleep in some patients who suffer from it.


Dr. Ramos aims at improving the self-esteem of patients. She considers that dental work to improve an individual's smile could boost self-confidence. What’s more, cosmetic dental treatments can give you a brighter, whiter smile that makes you look and feel younger. Therefore, the self-esteem boost from cosmetic dental treatments improves your social life.


Among the Professional Affiliations Dr. Ramos has, we can mention:


  • American Dental Association (ADA)

  • Association of Orthodontists (AOO)

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